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Professional Service Dog Trainer Teaches the Handler (you!) to Train Your Dog

We teach you to teach your dog. This is more involved that teaching your dog as you need to be committed to learning and applying the knowledge and skills you learn so your dog can learn quickly and easily. These are private one to one sessions. A family member may observe providing they do not create distractions.

You also need to have: The executive functioning abilities to carry out the techniques. Be prepared for a regular daily schedule of training at least twice a day with your dog at home or away from home. Make training notes and journaling each training session.


  • 60 min ‘get to know you’ webcam session to identify training priorities
  • 10 x 60 min professional service dog trainer trains you to teach your dog.
  • video links for recorded sessions
  • online classes to refer to

Contact us to check our availability, discover the cost and to book your package.

Extra travel fees may be added for each session done 10 minute drive away from our office.

Trainer helping owner trainer with Service Dog