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Private Face to Face Consultations
Available by Webcam (Worldwide) 

Get training feedback from a professional trainer in real time or from video clips. Your chance to talk with a professional trainer of your choice!
You take responsibility for guiding your training. You plan the objectives and ask the questions. The instructor will help you problem solve materials relating to class material. 

  • Keeps you on track, motivated, and accountable.
  • Succeed faster by developing good training skills right from the start .
  • Save travel time and gas costs by training in your own living room!
  • Your dog will be more focused by training in a familiar location, especially while you problem solve.
  • Take the trainer with you to work in public places (mobile device and bandwidth or internet access required in stores)
  • Convenient and easy! Choose your preferred webcam platform! Zoom? Skype Facebook video chat? FaceTime? 

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Choose from 30 Minute or One Hour Sessions

30 minute sessions are sold in groups of 3 to augment the online classes but not replace them. They must be used by the end of the month they are purchased. You may get either Donna or Jenn as your instructor. More affordable than the one hour sessions!

What can we cover in a 30 minute session?

Review class content. Answer class questions.
Clarify training details. Problem-solve specific training technique.
Do a short live training session with your dog and get immediate feedback.
Provide a link to a pre-recorded training session and review it with the instructor.
Review what you did in the last week. Set your training plan for the next week.
Time goes fast so you need to be prepared!

Book 60 minute sessions one at a time as needed. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to book a one hour session. Donna usually does these but you can request Jenn too.

What can we cover in a 60 minute session?

  • General guidance about the process of owner-training a service or assistance dog.
  • Choosing a assistance dog candidate- help you find several quality dog breeders in your area or help you find an adult dog. Help you find a group dog training class that uses positive methods.
  • Where to find information about certification and other laws  in your region.
  • Available resources to help you during the process (recommend books, DVD’s, laws for your region, free links etc).
  • Help creating a 2-3 year training plan and set up a training log.
  • Set realistic expectations for you and your dog.
  • Find out what it’s like to live with and go into public with a service dog.
  • Learn about fear periods and how they affect your service dog candidate.
  • Answer general dog training issues not specific to service dogs (except aggression, fear, resource guarding, severe separation anxiety or very high excitement.)
  • Instructors can act as a sounding board to decide if you need to remove your dog from training, retire your dog or re-home him.

Write down your questions, then prioritize them! We can usually get through 10-12 questions in an hour, depending on how exhaustive the answers need to be. I can save you precious time digging for answers but you have to pay for my time in return!

Breeders! Thinking about starting to breed dogs for service work?
Get an overview of what qualities a dog needs and what resources are ‘out there’ to help you. There is so much you can do to ensure your puppies get the best start and are matched with the best handler.

Thinking about becoming a professional service dog trainer?
Book a webcam session to discover the knowledge and skills you need, where to get it and the realities of teaching people with special needs. We can also book a three way session with you, your service dog client and Donna.

Professional Trainers!
Want to discuss a client's need, training process or a technique? Save time finding resources? Book a session and we can have a great brainstorm session or make a training plan for a client! You take the lead on the consult and I am happy to share my expertise.

Convenient and easy!

Choose your preferred webcam platform! Zoom? Skype? Facebook video chat? Telephone? (Phone cannot be used for actual training as I we need to see you and your dog.)

Book a time and date (remember to check your time zone here).
We are in the Pacific Time Zone.

Pay for your session(s) and talk one on one!

 is required to secure your time slots.

Cancellation Policy: 24 hours advance notice is required to reschedule or cancel.
No-shows will not be rescheduled or refunded. $10 administration fee for refunds.
30 minute sessions must be used by the end of the month purchased.
One hour sessions must be used by 4 weeks after purchase date.

Read the tons of free information available on this website before contacting us. 

For daily help check out our FastTrack program!

Make this payment to book THREE (3) 30-minute webcam sessions with one of our instructors. 

These supplemental sessions are designed to be used with self-study classes.  They are for students who may need assistance while working through the class material.  

Please email SDTI three consecutive date options (dates and times) (include your local time zone and Pacific Standard Time). [For example, Tuesdays at 1:00PM starting March 9 Central Time which is 11:00AM Pacific Time.] 

All three sessions must be used by the end of the month in which the consult sessions were purchased.

An instructor will email you back and confirm a date and time.

Note: There is a $10 administration fee for web cam consult if you cancel:
7 days or more before start date full refund less admin fee
3-6 days before 50% refund 
2 days or less there is no refund

Duration: 3 weeks
Price: CDN$125.00

Make your payment to book a ONE hour webcam or phone consult with Donna Hill B.Sc. B.Ed.. 

Then send her three days of the week and times of day that work best for you, keeping in mind that she is in the Pacific Time zone.  

Daytime and evening sessions available. She will email you back and confirm one preferred date and time. 

Note: There is a $10 administration fee for web cam consult if you cancel:
7 days or more before start date full refund less admin fee
3-6 days before 50% refund 
2 days or less there is no refund

Duration: 1 day
Price: CDN$75.00