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There are many times in the process where you might need some help on a one time basis.

Here is what we offer:

Litter Evaluations (Chemainus, Nanaimo to Qualicum Beach, BC)

Choosing the first pair of brown eyes as your service dog is not an effective way to get a good service dog candidate. Getting an independent opinion can help save you time, money and heartache. Donna will travel to the litter and do an evaluation of maximum three puppies from the litter to see which might be the best fit for you, your lifestyle and your disability. Contact your breeder first to see if they would be open to this, then contact Donna with the details. We can set up the date and time that works for everyone. Evaluator interacts with each puppy one on one.

Trainer providing assistance for service dog puppy

Service Dog Suitability Evaluation

Do you already have a dog? Or are considering a new dog? Find out if s/he has the needed temperament, health, physical and cognitive ability to become your service dog for safe use in public. Have your dog evaluated by a professional before you start training!

  • handler observes and participating in the session. Evaluator directs team through activities.
  • 60-90 minutes long
  • copy of evaluation results
  • training tips of how to start working on weaknesses

CAD$105  Incl. GST (Payable by e-transfer or PayPal)

BC Guide and Service Dog Practice Assessment

Think you and your dog are ready for the BC Service Dog Assessment test? Do a practice walk through with a trainer. Find out areas where your team is weak and what you need to practice before actually taking the test. Practicing builds team confidence knowing what the process looks and feels like before you take the real test.

  • handler maneuvers in a public location, evaluator directs and observes how the team works together.
  • 60-90 minutes
  • copy of the assessment results
  • quick training tips to start working on weak areas

CAD$105 Incl. GST (Payable by e-transfer or PayPal)

General Service Dog Consults and Problem Solving

Want to find out more about the process of self-training before you start? Talk with an experienced service dog trainer to find out what you are getting into. Link to useful resources are provided. Having challenges with training a task or behavior? Book a consult to make a plan of how to work through it. Follow-up sessions available.

CAD$75 per hour incl. GST 
In-person or webcam options available.
Add $10 per session if Donna needs to travel within Nanaimo city limits. (Payable by e-transfer or PayPal)

Trainer consult with service dog trainer

To book your session, fill out our inquiry form.