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In-Person Dog and Team Assessments and Advanced Day Training in Nanaimo

Internationally known trainer Donna Hill, B.Sc.B.Ed. is available in Nanaimo, BC for all types of service dogs and assistance dogs training. She can train your dog or train you to teach your dog or a bit of both!

From task training to loose leash walking, settle, public access, specific distractions etc.


Please Note: There is a 2 month wait list for in-person training sessions with Donna. 


  • hearing alerts
  • seizure response
  • diabetic alert
  • allergy detection and alert
  • gluten detection
  • migraine alerts
  • anxiety interruption
  • Alzheimer alerts
  • mobility such as forward momentum guiding, hand-delivered retrieve etc.


All training equipment supplied except 6 foot leash, flat walking harness, and your dog’s favourite treats and toys for training (and specialized harnesses).

One Time Options: 

Service Dog Suitability Evaluation

Have your dog evaluated by a professional before you sart training. Find out if he has the needed temperament, health and ability to become your service dog for safe use in public. 


  • owner present

  • 60-90 minutes

  • copy of evaluation results 

  • training tips of how to start working on weaknesses

$100 plus GST

BC Guide and Service Dog Practice Assessment

Do a practice walk through of the BC Service Dog Assessment. Find out areas where your team is weak and what you need to practice before actually taking the test. Builds team confidence knowing the process. 

  • Owner handling

  • 60-90 minutes

  • copy of the assessment

  • training tips to start working on weak areas

$100 plus GST

Intensive Training Packages

Training sessions can be done:

  • 3x per week
  • 5 x per week
  • or 2 x per day x 5 days (great for out of area visitors)
  • daytime or evening
  • For allergen and gluten detection, refresher/maintenance sessions will be needed every 2 weeks, then once a month if owner cannot handle the allergen or gluten.

Train the Dog - We Start the Training For You 

(Up to two people are welcome to observe our Nanaimo training sessions as long as they are not distracting the dog.)

Package includes:

  • 40 min 'get to know you' web cam session
  • 6 x 45 min train the dog
  • 45 min train the handler transfer behaviour session
  • copy of training notes
  • video clips from each session

$475 plus GST

Train the Dog - Advanced

  • 40 min 'get to know you' web cam session
  • 10 x 45 min train the dog
  • 45 min train the handler transfer behaviour
  • copy of training notes
  • video clips from each session

Contact us for the cost.

Train the Handler to Train the Dog

We teach you to teach your dog. It takes longer for us to train you than the dog so longer sessions are needed.

  • 40 min 'get to know you' web cam session
  • 10 x 60 min train the dog
  • copy of training notes
  • video clips from each session

Contact us for the cost.

Custom Packages available.

Airline Travel in Canada

Need a letter for airline travel that you have trained tasks with a professional trainer?
You’ll need to book a minimum of 6 x 45 min sessions plus an hour web cam session.


Start or Continue Training with Us with our Onllne classes from Anywhere in the World!
Make a holiday of it! Stay at local RV sites, BnB or Motel/Hotel. Tour Nanaimo while your dog is being trained! Stay a few extra days and explore more of Vancouver Island!
Nanaimo can be reached by car, ferry and plane travel.

Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. first to make sure your preferred dates and times are available.

How Do I Make Payment?

All payments can be made by credit card via PayPal (we send an invoice and you don't need an account), Paypal account, or e-Transfer. Payment must be received at least a week prior to confirm your sessions. 5% GST is added to the fee for Canadian residents.

Note: We do not take cases of dog to human, dog to dog reactivity or aggression cases, dogs with previous bite histories or dogs with high prey drive. Dogs with these behaviors are not suitable as service dog candidates.