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Practical Puppy Preparation
(for Future Service Dogs)
Level 1

(6 x 30 minute group webcam class)

Feeling a bit lost about how to socialize your puppy while we are dealing with COVID 19? 
Join us for this live twice weekly small group webcam-based class! 6 sessions over 3 weeks, where we'll learn what socialization is and how to do it while practicing good social distancing. Intended for young puppies when they first come home (8-10 weeks old), this class will also be useful with pups 12 weeks and older to make sure you have covered all your bases. 

Topics covered:

  • potty training 
  • setting up X-pen for play and sleep 
  • socialization during COVID 19
  • surfaces
  • sounds
  • crate training to prevent separation anxiety
  • bite inhibition
  • stolen objects
  • adapting to novelty in familiar locations
  • moving objects
  • handling
  • people that look different.

    There will be daily homework assigned.

Maximum no. of students:   4

Cost: CDN$120 (or ~US$80)

Date and time:   TBA

Prerequisite:  Must be currently enrolled in Service Puppy Class or you can buy the self-study and group webcam sessions as a bundle below for only CA$130 and SAVE CDN$25!
Please choose which one you sign up for carefully as we cannot give you the bundle discount if you have purchased the self-study class only.
Registration box only appears when registration is open. If it is closed please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be put on a wait list and let us know when you are interested and the time of day and time zone you would be available. We only need 2 students to run a class. 
Click here for information on the Service Puppy Class.

The registration box for PPP Level 1 and 2 will only show up for those who have already signed up for the service puppy class.

Registration closes one day before the webcam class. 


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