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When Do Classes Start?

Due to COVD -19, for your convenience, we have kept the registration open until further notice.

Classes start the first Wednesday of each month. Registration opens on the first day of classes and is open for a week. Registration closes Wed. night 11:59 pm Pacific Standard Time.   

Access to classes is automatic after payment has been received. You have 24/7 access.
Please create a profile with a brief description of you and your dog.

How do I Register? 
New students can create an account by signing up for the monthly newsletter or by clicking on a class when registration is open.  For course schedule dates, check "Upcoming Classes" on the right side of this page (on computer) or at the bottom (for hand-held devices).  

How Long are the Classes?  
There are about 4 weeks of material in each single level class but how long it takes will vary depending on the previous training experience, age and learning ability of your dog. You can ask questions during your weekly or bi-weekly private or group webcam sessions, if you choose that option. 

How Long do I have Access to the Class Materials?    
You have access to class materials 24/7 for 1 year starting from the date of purchase.  

How Do I Find Out When My Classes Expire? 
No. Check the "When Do My Classes Expire?" link under the "My Courses" listing to find out when your class expires.

What Does a Webinar look like? 
When you sign up for a webinar, the first time it is run it will be live. You have a chance to participate. If you can't attend the live webinar, it will be recorded. You will have a week to write  questions at the bottom of the webinar page. The instructor will answer those questions in a recorded question/answer session and that will be posted in the webinar class. Each time it is run after that, you will receive all materials and information the students received the first time it ran but you will not be able to ask questions. 

Are ALL Classes and Webinars Offered Each Month?  
No.  Check the "Up Coming Classes" (right-hand side of this page or at the bottom for hand-held devices) for a list of the classes offered each month.  

When the registration period is open, the offered classes for that month in the Class Catalogue will have a registration box below the class that looks like this:  This box disappears when registration is closed. Click on "Sign up" to start the process.

Registration Example SAMPLE

How do I Pay for a Class?
Payment is made through PayPal; note that you can use a credit card to pay for classes and do not have to have a PayPal account to use it. (Under "Choose a way to pay" at the bottom, click on "Pay by Debit or Credit") You are not charged anything for using PayPal. You will receive an email receipt from PayPal that confirms your payment.  It can take up to an hour for Paypal to process it. If you are paying with someone else's account please make sure to check their email for the PayPal receipt as we are given their name and information and not yours. If your Paypal name is different than your Facebook name (using your company name for example), please let us know when you request membership for any Facebook groups.  We have no way to know that your name is associated with your company name.
Canadians can also pay from their bank account by Interac. Use this This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and specify which classes you want to sign up for. You will also need to create an account by signing up for our monthly newsletter. You can also wire SDTI the funds but you will be charged at your end by your bank.

Can I get a Refund for Self Study Courses and Webinars?

There are no refunds for self-study courses or webinars. Please make sure you choose the correct class when you register. You will have 24/7 access to the class materials from the time you purchase them and can start training right away.  

Do You Offer Private and Group Web Cam Sessions? 
Yes! You can book either a single one hour private web cam session or three -30 minute sessions.

We also offer group web cam sessions for some self-study classes. They are 30 minutes long, twice a week for three weeks with a maximum of 4 students. They save you half the private web cam session costs! Each group web cam sessions accompany a specific class so you must be signed up for a self-study class to take the group web cam sessions. 

What if I Miss a Group Web Cam Class? Can I Make It Up? 
Unfortunately, if you forget or miss a session for any reason, you cannot make it up. You will be provided with the class-specific FAQ provided to students so you can see what we covered and watch any related videos provided. 

Can I get a Refund for Private or Group Webcam Sessions? 
Yes, but we have a moderate service fee to cover banking transaction fees that are not refunded to us. Check the registration page for your class for specific details.

A minimum of 48-hour notice is required to reschedule private webcam consults.  

Courses We Offer:

Here is a list of all our classes. You have a 1-year access to the classroom materials from date of purchase.  

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