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International Organizations

Assistance Dogs International

International Association of Assistance Dog Partners (IADDP)

National Institute for Diabetic Alert Dogs


American-wide (US specific) Regulatory Body

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a US-wide law that explains your rights and responsibilities as a person with disabilities, including reference to service dogs. 

Here is a summary sheet of the ADA laws as they apply to service and assistance dogs.

Here is a FAQ list from the ADA.

Each state may have other laws relating to service dogs. Contact your local Justice Department or Disability organizations. They should be able to refer you.

American State by State list of Laws that Apply to Service Dogs 2016
Here's the link.

Here is a summary law chart for AK, WA, ID and OR
Click here to see the chart

Fair Housing Act for the USA
Click here to read it (Pt 6 example 3)

Air Carrier Access Act
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Example of Fees that are Deductible in the US
assistance dogs are mentioned

Canadian Discrimination Regulatory Body

Canadian Human Rights Act

Canadian Provincial Regulatory Bodies of Service Dogs

British Columbia Ministry of Justice
Alberta Human Services Act
Here is a list of Alberta Companies/Organizations authorized to train and certify service dogs. Some do train owner-trained dogs. 
Nova Scotia Department of Justice 

Ministry of BC Tenancy Act wrt Service and Service Dogs in Training

Human Rights Code wrt Discrimination in BC

Alberta Service Dog Act

A summary of laws about Service Dogs in Ontario is found here. 

A National Standard of Canada for Service Dogs
is currently under development
More Information can be found here.

Australian Service Dog Regulatory Bodies
South Australia

What is a Service Dog Task?

A behavior that is deliberately trained and proofed that mitigates one or more specific disability of the handler. The behavior is reliable and is done on demand.

Task Lists:

Article: Why Natural Behaviors are not Service Dog Tasks

Service Dog Tasks

Psychiatric Dog Tasks

More Psychiatric Dog Work and Tasks

Does My Dog Need to be Certified?
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Bogus Organizations:
Don't waste your money by paying these organizations for supposed 'certification' or 'registration' of service dogs. True certifying bodies need to meet you and your dog and put the team through a public access test. 

https://www.officialservicedogregistry. com

http://www.servicedogsregistry. org

http://www.freemypaws. com/ service-dogs.html

http://www.servicedogcertifications. org

http://www.crtasa. com

http://servicedogscanada. org/certification/

http://usdogregistry. org

http://www.saraorg. com

http://registerservicedogs. com

http://www.usserviceanimals. org

https://www.adaregistry. com

https://www.usservicedogregistry. org

http://www.usarplus. com

http://www.usanimalregistry. com

any certificates sold on e-bay are also scams. There are ones with ADI on them and the country name and the ADI logo name is missing an 's' on dogs. 

And many others!