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Stress and the (Owner-Trained) Service Dog Webinar

Did you know that stress level can make or break a Service Dog’s career? And even shorten your dog's working career and life? Do you want to geek out and learn the biology behind acute and chronic stress and how it affects the body and performance of both simple and complex tasks? Find out what signs to look for during training that indicate mild to moderate stress and what you can do to help your dog reverse them. Discover things handlers do to cause their dog stress without even knowing it and how easy they are to change.
If you have a dog in a fear period, this webinar is a MUST! Jam packed full of applicable information! 

Photos, graphs and video clips to demonstrate. 

This webinar covers 9 main topics related to Stress in Service Dogs:

What is Stress?
What Causes Stress?
The Stress Process: Chemicals
Function of Stress Behaviours
Common Stress Behaviours Related to Training
17 Behaviours that Indicate Low Level Stress
Therapeutic Threshold 
Fear Period/Sensitive Dogs Considerations

Ideal for owner trainers of service dogs and professional dog trainers alike!

Prerecorded webinar includes questions asked by students. 

Donna Hill B.Sc. B.Ed is the speaker.

CA$25 for this 90+ min pre-recorded webinar
(30 minutes bonus time as I underestimated how long it would take to cover the information!). 



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