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Settle/Relax - 2 Part Series
(self-study class only)
(3x30 min web cam 
consults available for extra purchase) 

Settle or relax is another key foundation skill for service dogs. "Hurry up and Wait" takes time to develop but you will learn how to teach a dog to be relaxed on a mat using several different methods. The techniques also help the handler to relax as well. 


Settle/Relax - Level 1

Class Goals: Dog learns to settle on a mat placed anywhere for a period of time with distractions. The dog will learn how to rapidly relax on anything and out of sight for short periods.

Your dog learns to relax quickly on cue and it will become a default behavior. Build on the settle behavior in the presence of distractions. Developing a relaxed down starts at home and extends into public. Over 60 video clips to watch! You learn how to use classical conditioning/capturing and shaping to get a calm settle.

 settle 1

 Settle/Relax - Level 2

Class Goals:  Dog runs to settle at a distance, under things, backs into tight spaces, and while you are talking to others. Dog learns to curl up, tuck his tail in and settle with a stranger. Several extension applications are suggested. 

In this class, settling at a distance from handler is taught. There are also times when your dog needs to be relaxed under the supervision of a stranger. Learning to tuck his tail in and curling up in a ball prevents getting stepped on while settling into tight out of the way spaces facing outward is fun and easy! Learning to crawl and settle under things is helpful as well. Build on the settle behavior in the presence of more distractions away from home and on public transportation.

Prerequisite: Settle / Relax - Level 1

 settle 2 photo


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