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Service Puppy

(8-16 weeks of age) 

Suitable for pups of any age in this age range.

Cdn$40 (self-study class only)

You get:

  • the class materials for 8 weeks of training and socialization (access for 1 year)
  • 6 hours of audio file to listen to the material
  • 24/7 access to a class forum (on our website) for service puppy students
  • 24/7 access to school-wide discussion forum (on our website)

Private3x30 min web cam consults available for extra help. 

Class Goals: Pup learns when and where he can potty and what are good things to chew on. He learns how to moderate how hard his bite is and then not to bite humans at all. He will experience positive socialization to people, other dogs and animals and learn to feel safe in different environments. These are the most important skills to start with. 

Handler learns what preparation needs to be done for service pup's arrival and how to set up and keep a service dog journal. Weekly plans are provided for weeks 8-16 of age. Properly socializing our service pup candidate will be our key focus. We also explore topics like feeding your pup and what things are toxic. Learn how to read and respond to puppy language to keep your pup happy and at an ideal activity level for living and learning.  Discover how to use massage to prepare your pup to be handled by anyone like groomers, vets and emergency personnel. Find out how you can introduce your pup to strange objects at home to "grow his brain" and prepare him for the environments he will work in as an adult. Learn how to prevent separation anxiety, deal with unwanted behaviors, play with your pup and more! The journey to a successful service dog starts here! 10 lectures and 7 lessons.
Weekly schedule and training log templates included. Learn what goes into a Service Dog Journal and how to create a monthly plan to keep you on track.

Text is read by the instructor
(more than 6 hours of audio files included). 


Subscription Plans

Students have access to this material for 12 months starting from the date of purchase. NOTE: There are no refunds for classes.  Please read the course descriptions before registering.  

This course is designed to be self-study. You can not contact the instructor if you have questions. Instead, register for the web-cam session option if you need help.

Duration: 1 year
Price: CDN$40.00


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