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We are a small-scale online service dog training program.


If you have a question, please use our SEARCH button as your first step. It saves time for everyone! Choosing the correct keywords will help you find it faster. 

We do not certify service dogs. We do help owners train beyond the BC Assessment Test. All of our students who have tested have passed with flying colors! In Canada, BC, Alberta and Nova Scotia have their own tests for owner-trained teams. 

Training your own service dog is a challenge and not for everyone.

Laws About Service Dog Access

Please check this link for laws and other information about about service dog access in your area.


How Do SDTI Classes Work? 

For questions about about how classes work in the Institute, check out our frequently asked questions FAQ


Class List

For a list of the classes that we offer check out the course catalog


Try One Class!

If you are in doubt if you want to sign up for classes, we suggest you try one class and see if our format works for you. You will need high speed internet, familiarity with online technology as well as the ability to read and focus on online content. If it works, great! If not, then you have learned something about yourself!

Our time is valuable. We cannot answer random questions on the phone or the internet. If you have more than 3 simple questions, you may want to book a coaching session via web cam or on the phone. There is more than you think to learn about training your own service dog or helping others to do so.

Current Students

If you are a current SDTI student, and have specific questions about the course materials, please ask your questions in the class forums. There is a general school-wide forum as well as a service puppy and foundation skills forum.

If you have specific problems with your dog that are unrelated to class content (general dog issues) please contact your local positive trainer.  Issues like fear, human or dog reactivity or aggression, overexcitement and moderate to severe separation anxiety are examples of what we don’t help you with. Those are general dog issues that need to be dealt with before you train your dog as a service dog. You can ask in the Student and Alumni Facebook group for referrals.

Technical Problems?

If you have technical problems with the website, please contact Bruce

f you would like to call us, please pre-book a time by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We offer a 15 minute FREE consult to discuss our service dog training program. 250-753-5246