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CEU’s for Professional Dog Trainers

(Continuing Education Units)

Are you a member of a professional organization looking to complete your annual CEU’s?

Our classes and webinars may qualify! You will have to contact your individual organization to determine if they do. When you complete our class quiz and achieve 80% or better, we will issue you a class completion document that you can submit to your organization for evaluation. The certificate will state the subject, number of instruction hours (via reading text and videos) and instructor's name. The instructor's biography is available on our About Us page.

Quiz Format:

There are 10 questions that you answer online. Questions are multiple choice. The quizzes are open book. When you are finished the 10 questions, simply click on the submit button. 

The instructor will check the quiz and send the results back within 7 days. If you pass (80% or greater) you will receive a completion certificate. If you achieve less than 80%, you can choose to resubmit the test with the correct answers. First resubmission, if needed, is free for now.

1 quiz Per Class Level. You will not be able to see the CEU registration box (or register for it) unless you have already purchased the class or webinar. Click here to see our course catalogue.

Fees: New Price!

1 level class: CA$7 (purchased singly)

2 level class: CA$12 (purchased at the same time and submitted together within 5 months of purchase)

3 level CA$15 (purchased at the same time and submitted together within 5 months of purchase)

Here is a list of organizations that require CEU's. Please check with your organization to make sure they accept outside organization webinars, classes etc. before purchasing the CEU Quiz. Please let us know which organization accepted them so we can let other students know!

CCPDT Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers

PPAB Pet Professional Accreditation Board* 

CAAB Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists

IAABC International Association of Applied Behavior Consultants

KPA Karen Pryor Academy

ADT Academy of Dog Trainers

PPG Pet Professional Guild

IACP International Association of Canine Professionals

PPGBI Pet Professional Guild British Isles

VSDTA Victoria Stillwell Dog Training Academy

APDT Association of Pet Dog Trainers

CAPDT Canadian Association of Professional Dog Trainers

ABC Animal Behaviour College

NADOI National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors

NAVTA National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America

(We have verification from students that our CEU's were accepted).


Offered Continuing Education Credits

 Anxiety Tasks- 3 CEU hours CEU Register
Stress & and the Service Dog Webinar- 2 CEU hours CEU Register