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Training Tools CDN$40

This course teaches you how to safely and correctly use training tools.

(3x30 min web cam consults available for extra purchase) 



Harnesses & Vests

Class Goals:  Dog happily wears flat body harnesses and vests and walks with you or another handler without pulling, in the presence of high-level distractions and triggers. Discussion of service dog vests is included. 

Can’t get your SDit to stop pulling when he’s excited or distracted? Does he run away when you present the equipment? Does he freeze or flop about when wearing a harness or vest? Does he pull to get back to you when a stranger handlers him?

This is a problem-solving class! You will learn to use systematic desensitization, counter conditioning, Premack's Principle and operant conditioning to help your dog learn to be comfortable in the equipment and keep the leash loose in the presence of high-level distractions or being handled by a stranger. As you train, you build a stronger relationship with him and he'll become more responsive in the presence of high distractions without pulling. 
Have you bought into the myth that big dogs or certain breeds need special tools? Take this course and find out why that is a myth! Ideal for anyone who wants to get their SD off a pinch, choke or e-collar. 
This class is intended as an additional course on top of the Loose Leash Walking series but can be taken as a stand alone for dogs that mostly keep the leash loose but Yoyo to the end of the leash or forget to keep the leash loose in times of excitement or stress.



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