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Loose Leash Walking - 3 Part Series

Package of Level 1-3 CDN$105 (Self study only)

(3x30 min web cam consults available for extra purchase) 

Loose leash walking is one of the two most fundamental behaviors that an assistance dog needs. 
(Also see class on teaching "Settle".)  In fact, "Hurry up and Wait!" could be a service dog's motto! Both behaviors require self-control and duration of time. 
This means it takes a long time for the dog to learn to do and as a result, can be boring and frustrating for the handler to train. Most people rush the process and this sets the dog up to fail and they end up with a dog that pulls or they put on a training tool that needs to be faded.

Instead, by teaching all of the pieces of the LLW behavior separately, then putting them together incrementally, both the dog and handler are successful from the start. The process feels good too as it is all taught using positive reinforcement!  Corrections, nagging and punitive training tools are not needed.




Loose Leash Walking - Level 1

Class Goals:
 Dog walks on a loose leash for 25 feet including moving through 90 degree and 180 degree turns and moving backward a few steps in at least 5 locations. 
Dog moves towards leash pressure and walks on a loose leash ignoring a variety of distractions on the ground in at least 5 locations.

The first step of loose leash walking is building value for being close to the handler. It is taught off leash in a safe area. Once this happens, the leash becomes incidental and more of an emergency connection, rather than a way to control the dog. You begin to learn how to dance together.

This class introduces several skills and games that will be used to proof the dogs as you progress through the 3 loose leash walking levels. 70 video clips demonstrate the step by step process. 
This class is for puppies and dogs 4 mos (14 weeks) and older. The first 8 to 16 weeks should be focused on socializing your puppy. 
If your puppy is younger, you can purchase this class and start training through it once your pup is 16 weeks.

Loose Leash Walking - Level 2

Class Goals: Dog learns to tell the difference between when he needs to keep a loose leash and when he can do his own thing. He will learn to keep the leash loose while moving through doorways, gates and on stairs. Turns will be tightened up as he learns how to pivot his back end for fast smooth movement and improve body awareness of where he is in space.

In this class, we start taking the games outdoors and building on what the dog already knows. You will learn to navigate doorways, gates and stairs with a loose leash. More practice with turns and more foundation games using distractions are taught. Packed with information, this class has more than 100 video clips! Learn how impulse control affects Loose Leash walking and how to most effectively teach it to your dog.

Loose Leash Walking - Level 3 

Class Goals: Dog starts applying LLW to public places. He learns how to change speed, do longer open stair cases, curbs, get in and out of vehicles. He LLW while his handler carries and pushes things and in the presence of another dog, learns a close heel for tight spaces and to walk with a wheelchair. Dog learns when it is his time to sniff and when it is time to work.

In this class we start to generalize the LLW skills to more public places building duration and distance of the LLW. With that public training comes an increase in stress level for the dog so the handler learns how dogs communicate the stress and how to respond appropriately. Handler also teaches using opposites to help their dog learn concepts. Getting in and out of vehicles, change of speed, applying the stair skills to hills and learning more ways to deal with distractions and fears are also included. 



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