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Foundation Webcam - Level 1

(3 X 60 minute group webcam class)

Join us for this live weekly small group webcam-based class! 3 sessions over 3 weeks.

Topics covered: 

-Individual coaching during each session

-Games to help you learn clicker mechanics, such as timing and treat delivery 

-Different ways to teach your dog new behaviours

-Foundation of Impulse Control: Wait, Zen or Leave It

-Nose Target (Foundation of Recall/Loose Leash Walking/Weaves/Retrieve)

There will be daily homework assigned.

Maximum no. of students:   4

Cost: CDN$120 (or ~US$90)

Date and time:                    


Prerequisite:  Must be registered for and at least read through Foundation Skills self study class- Level 1   
NOTE:  Once you have registered for the Foundation Skills Self-Study classes (1-2-3 bundle), the registration for the WEBCAM classes will appear below.

Registration closes the night before the webcam class. 


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