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Service Dogs

(Including guide dogs, service dogs and assistance dogs)

Dog-Smart Homes Portable Controls Optimized for Mobility Assistance Dogs

Military Veterans and Their PTSD Service Dogs: Associations Between Training Methods, PTSD Severity, Dog Behavior, and the Human-Animal Bond

Which Pups Will Make The Grade As A Service Dog?

Teenage Dogs? Evidence for Adolescent Phase Conflict Behaviour and Association Between Attachment to Humans and Pubertal Timing in the Domestic Dog

Defining PTSD Service Dog Intervention: Perceived Importance, Usage and Symptom Specificity of Psychiatric Service Dogs for Military Veterans

 service dog patch that says "working dog"

Harness-Related Studies

Pressure distribution under three different types of harnesses used for guide dogs

Analysis of Three Harnesses

Biomechanical Analysis of Harnesses and head collars

Therapy Dogs (applies to Service Dogs too!)
Recognizing and Mitigating Canine Stress during Animal Assisted Interventions

Health Studies

Spay and Neuter Risks (article first with link to actual study)

Other Related Studies

Dog and owner characteristics affecting the dog–owner relationship

Long-term stress in dogs is related to the human–dog relationship and personality traits

Long-term stress levels are synchronized in dogs and their owners

Psychobiological Factors Affecting Cortisol Variability in Human-Dog Dyads

Exploring the dog–human relationship by combining fMRI, eye-tracking and behavioural measures

Behavioural, saliva cortisol and heart rate responses to different types of stimuli in dogs

The effects of fear and anxiety on health and lifespan in pet dogs

Humans and Dogs vary in their talent for learning new words.

Influence of Owner's Personality on Personality in Labrador Retrievers

How A Mother's Stress Can Influence Unborn Puppies

You are Not My Handler! Impact of Changing Handlers on Dog's Behaviors and Detection Performance



Exposure to controlled challenges increases stress resilience in dog puppies


Survey of Migraine Sufferers with Dogs to Evaluate for Canine Migraine-Alerting Behaviors