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Tricks for Service Dogs

(self-study class)

Teaching tricks to your service dog is a fun way to teach the basic behaviors you will use later for advanced tasks. They are also a no-pressure way to experiment with a variety of teaching techniques from capturing, luring, successive approximation, shaping, to modelling! Not only does your dog learn the tricks, but you also learn to apply the concepts of learning theory. 

For each trick, we identify the function and future application as a service dog or assistance dog. Tricks are also ideal for aging dogs to keep them mentally and physically flexible and for therapy dogs too! 

Each lesson takes you through the steps in detail, offers problem solving ideas cautions you on safety and offers specific tips to make the tricks easier for your dog. 
There is also a checklist of objectives to record your progress and keep you on track. There is also an extension of how each trick can be used for tasks in service dogs. This aspect is great for dog trainers who want to add some fun to their service dog classes!


Tricks - Body Awareness

Class Goals: 

This class focusses on body awareness including use of specific body parts, using deliberately slow movement and balance, 3 confidence building skills much needed by service dogs! The tricks also improve proprioception (where your dog's body is in space) while the class also teaches you how to keep your dog safe from injury while doing each trick.

You learn how to choose mirrors and when and how to them to use them to help with training.

16 tricks include:  
*Nose Push 
*Flip it Up! 
*Kiss me!

*Bull In A China Shop (avoid bumping into things)
*Hot Dog (moving into small spaces)
*Stick 'em Up!
*Walking the (Narrow) Plank
*Reverse Walk the Plank
*Hip Target
*Tip Toe Through the Tulips
*The Spaces Between
*Feet on Platforms
*Up the Rungs 
*Smooth Moves (balancing)
*Shoulder Target

*Go Where I Go (staying at heel) 

Recommended dog age: 12 months and up.
Difficulty: Intermediate Level.

Materials: can all be found around the house or borrowed
Each trick has a list of what is needed.




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