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Service Dog Training in Nanaimo-In-Person Coaching and Service Dog Training

on Vancouver Island, British Columbia since 2008!

"Building owner-trained service dog teams with trust and confidence to navigate life together.”


In-Person Dog and Team Assessments and Beginner to Advanced Service Dog Day Training in Nanaimo, BC

Internationally known service dog trainer Donna Hill, B.Sc.(zoology) B.Ed. is available in Nanaimo, BC for in-person training of all types of service dogs and assistance dogs. She trains from puppy to task and public access. She can train your dog or train you to teach your dog or a bit of both! We love helping self-trained teams!

From general training to public access with specific distractions to task training for PTSD alerts, anxiety, mobility, hearing, Alzheimer, diabetic, etc. She trains for airline travel in Canada and internationally. Our students successfully pass the BC Service Dog Assessment Test. 

A letter from your health care provider (no older than 2 years) prescribing a service dog must be submitted prior to in-person sessions.

Training a service dog is a long and detailed process. Be prepared to put the time and money into yourself and your dog.

 Owner training service dog with SDTI in public

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We Offer:

  • One Time Options: Litter Evaluations, Adult Dog Evaluations, Practice BC Service Dog Assessment Tests, General Service Dog Consults and Problem Solving

  • Weekly Training Packages-Private Sessions Only 

  • Intensive Training Packages-Everyday once or twice a day Great for those from out of town!

  • Trainer Trains the Dog - Day Training

  • Train the Handler to Train the Dog 

  • Airline Travel in Canada & Internationally

  • Custom Assistance Dog Programs are also available

  • How Do I Make Payment?  Payment Options


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Note: We will not train dogs with:

  • dog to human or dog to dog hyper-reactivity or aggression
  • dogs with previous bite histories
  • obsessive compulsive disorder
  • dogs with high prey drive
  • wolf or coyote mixes

Dogs with these behaviors and genetics are not suitable as service dog candidates for public safety reasons.