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Yes! You Can You Train Your Own Service Dog!

Are you just starting out? Find out what is involved! Skills, resources and support needed! Common questions answered!

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Here are three areas you will want to know.

  • 6 Steps to Getting Ready for a Service Dog
  • Service Dog Training Institute Options
  • Is Certification Necessary?

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    • Self-paced classes On Demand with 24/7 Access
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    • Get Help by Web Cam When You Need It
    • No Taxes (GST is included for Canadians)
    • US Students get an instant discount due to the weaker Canadian Dollar
    • Estimated cost for all our online self-paced classes is $600 over 2 years. Zoom consults extra.

 In-Person Coaching and Public Access Practice Testing in Nanaimo, BC 


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Supporting Seniors 55 Years Plus

Discover how we can help seniors over 55 years in training their own assistance dog at home! 
Hearing dog, mobility dog, Alzheimer's support and more! 



Free Resources 

Check out our MANY FREE resources to get you started!

  • How to Select a Service Dog Candidate
  • Our Blog
  • Over 300 Free training videos
  • Useful Service Dog Links


Resources for Professional Dog Trainers

Check out our resources for Professional Pet Dog Trainers who are helping clients in-person to train their own service dogs. 



Frequently Asked Questions

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Do a keyword search of our site to find something.
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What is our Philosophy and motto? Who will be supporting your team in your journey? 

How can you get ahold of us? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
We are set up for online interactions and students who have the capability of doing online classes. 
Please do a key word SEARCH of our website for answers before emailing us. Response time is usually within 48 hours.

Please provide us with:

  • your province or state 
  • some background of your situation (your disability/tasks, your dog, how far in training are you etc)
  • your specific questions 

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Scientific Studies Related to Service and Guide Dogs

Today we are learning so much more about service, assistance and guide dogs through scientific studies. This research as a whole can guide us in the direction of how to better interact with, train and meet the needs of service and assistance dogs. As I come across more studies, I will add them on the linked page.