It's also a great idea to fundraise ahead of time so you are ready for planned costs. Don't forget to have an emergency and ready as well. It sits there unit it's needed for unexpected veterinary bills. 

Costs of Owning a Service Dog

Table 1 - Estimated Costs of Owning a Service Dog
  Estimated Costs of Owning a Service Dog (example) YOUR Estimated Costs of Owning a Service Dog
One Time Costs    
Initial purchase/adoption fee $1500.00  
transportation costs to pick up puppy/dog $200.00  
spaying/neutering (at the correct time) $150.00  
food/water dishes $20.00  
harnesses/leashes/collar/name tags/multiples sizes as puppy grows $100.00  
grooming equipment $100.00  
crate and bed $130.00  
puppy classes (2 sets) $300.00  
basic adolescent classes (3 sets) $750.00  
online/in person foundation coaching 10 sessions $400.00  
online/in person task specific coaching 10 sessions $500.00  
first vet visit with vaccinations $90.00  
property fencing $500-$3000  
X-rays (orthopedic) $200.00  
Canine Good Citizen/ Neighbor Test $50.00  
certification costs (where required) $200.00  
subtotal $4,690.00  
taxes $234.50  
total $4,924.50  
Ongoing Costs (annual)    
food per month x12 $700.00  
treats $100.00  
veterinarian 1 visit per year $100.00  
grooming varies  
nail clipping 120.00  
licence (annual) $25.00  
dog walker/daycare varies  
service dog specific training varies  
additional equipment-mobility harness etc $500.00  
emergency vet care/health insurance varies  
teeth cleaning varies  
subtotal $1,545.00  
total $1,545.00