Am having a blast with the courses with my two pups. It is a bit challenging to have two the same age, but we are managing and making good progress. Just attended the KPA Clicker Expo (first time for me) in Stamford. Lots of fun. Thanks for these courses!
Nancy and 2 SDit's New Hampshire
April 2017

Donna Hill is a great instructor. Very detailed. Easy to follow. And tons of good information.

Anne and  Springfield, VA
June 2016

Hello and deepest thanks. With my year old Giant Schnauzer, I took an 1 1/2 hour walk while waiting for auto repair. As she is the most environmentally affected dog I've known, we are in an acclimation / habituation phase so we can train in public. 
I thanked you dozens of times as we walked LLW, completely without pulling and if she came to the end of the leash she either stopped or returned to me. It was effortless and elegant. Thrilling!
So grateful to you for your teaching style which made this easy and possible for us.
Donna and Nina Ann Arbor, MI 
Nov. 2016


Yesterday after a week of working the first Settle lessons I took my 16 month Giant Schnauzer into my backwoods for the first time since one attempt a year ago. Beautiful loose leash through thick brambles into woods over many downed limbs and logs. While I collected sap, I asked for a "Chill" (Settle), securing the leash around a limb. She stayed calmly as I emptied jugs and return to the house was pleasantly relaxed. Today, instead of moving her with me from tree to tree, I decided to leave her by the first tree, walking a few feet further after each return to reward. I was able to walk thirty feet and spent five minutes collecting before returning to her, still calmly watching me. 
This is a working line German dog, very soft for her lines but unless in working mode wth me, hopping and jumping instead of walking, quite rambunctious. The huge shift in how she works with me although quite biddable and easy to teach prior to the LLW and Settle, is remarkable, a transformation in calmness.
Still working on acclimation to more active environments in nano steps.
Your meticulous presentation of the tiniest steps has made learning easy and joyful for both of us.
Thank you, Donna and Nina Ann Arbor, MI 
Feb. 2017