FREE BC Service Dog Information Webinar for Owner Trainers

Learn the process of training your dog for provincial service dog certification. Find out the laws for service and assistance dogs, therapy dogs and emotional support dogs. Watch two demo dogs perform tasks to mitigate disabilities. Get your questions answered! Hearing alert dogs, mobility dogs, diabetes alert dogs, PTSD dogs, anxiety dogs, Autism dogs etc.
Ideal for anyone with disabilities and health care providers and medical staff.



SDTI Local Intake Process: (current as at Nov. 2018)

1. Attend a Free Information session (offered 3 times a year) 
Next one is March, 2019 time and location TBA in the Nanaimo area 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to the registration list.

2. Submit a completed application form.
Pay the Application Fee ($25 plus GST)

3. After you hear back from us, complete an in-person assessment with your dog to determine suitability for service dog work. 
($90 plus GST)

4. Fundraise so you have the fees available upfront for classes. (Minimum $1500 commitment to start but aim for about $6000 if starting with a pup or $3000 for an adult dog.)

5. Sign a contract agreeing to specific minimums of weekly training, public access limits, handler behavior etc.

6. Attend online classes and webcam training sessions to get started. 

7. Attend live small group weekly classes once your dog is 12 months old or older.

     We move through the process of: 

     A. Basic service dog foundation behaviors (learning how to learn and gain confidence inlearning)

     B. Intermediate service dog behaviors: adding distractions, proofing and generalizing

     C. More advanced service dog behaviors and teaching tasks to mitigate your disability

     D. Public access that combines advanced public behaviors and service tasks in public.

     E. Transit preparation, dealing with emergency personnel, airport preparation etc.


Note: We do not help owners train therapy dogs or emotional support dogs.
(ESA's are not recognized in BC for rental/strata purposes).

Other Services

1. Litter evaluation
 and help you select the pup that would make the best assistance dog candidate. ($90 plus GST.)
Adult dog assessments in a public place can tell you if the dog might be a good service dog candidate. This could be one you currently own or one that you are thinking about adopting. Travel fees are added for areas outside of Nanaimo City (Qualicum to Chemainus). If you have a dog, we can do the assessment, and if your dog passes, the fee will be applied towards future classes. ($90 plus GST.)

2. Book an In-person Private Nanaimo session (Cdn$90)
or Skype/ Facetime/ Facebook web chat session (Cdn$65) 

Give us three dates and time options and we will try to accommodate you. You can choose any day or evening time period Monday through Sat.

In the session, ask your questions. It helps to have written up a list ahead of time.
In an hour, we can typically answer 10-12 in-depth questions. Some examples:
-What the BC certification process looks like? 
-What does owner-training training process will look like?
-How to get public access for yet uncertified owner-trained dogs 
-Training issues you are having
-Ask about issues that your dog currently has that concern you. (We will not deal with aggression or severe fear issues via webcam)
-Anything else related to owner-trained service dogs.

3. Take a Practice BC Assessment Test once you think you and your dog are ready for the BC Guide Dog and Service Dog Assessment test to see if you and your dog are ready to take it together. Completed in public locations. ($90 plus GST) 

4. Attend Fast Track Training 
One hour training sessions for 5 days a week ($325 plus GST)
(at your home or local park)
Click here to book Fast Track in winter and spring if you don't have access to a room to train in the Nanaimo area. We will book one for you in the North Nanaimo area for $15 an hour.

Here is a webinar that showcases our training:

How Do I Make Payment?

All payments can be made by credit card via PayPal (you don't need an account), Paypal account, e-Transfer by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or local cheque (must be received before the training or by the closing registration date for online classes). 5% GST is added to the fee for Canadian residents.