Fast Track Service Dog Training by Facebook video Chats

Do you train better if you have someone to be accountable to? Would it help if you had once or twice daily sessions with an instructor for a week (or two)?

We offer half hour custom private sessions by webcam at home and away from home! We coach you and your dog for 30 min. You do a training session on your own. 2 training sessions a day (one with us and one on your own) for 5 days will speed your dog's learning and help you stay motivated as you will see your dog's progress. 

If you would like, later that same day, you can do another 30 minute session with us and another session on your own in the evening. With 4 training sessions a day (two with us and two on your own) for 5 days, your dog will progress much more quickly than your usual training. Get you and your dog started on the right paw!

It's a great way to prevent unwanted training habits that take a long time to relearn.
Choose your skill and commit now to working with your dog 2X or 4X day for one week. 


Indoor Training
Foundation skills (for you and your dog!) (Jenn)

Hand-Delivered Retrieve (Donna)

Away From Home Training Skills*
Loose Leash Walking (Jenn)
Public Access (Donna)

Where you Can Train:

  • in the house 
  • in the yard or park or
  • away from home in retail settings. 

Get live coaching at each location! 

Here's Jenn on Wifi on a laptop in the house. She has a nice open floor space for training.

Here's Jenn on Wifi on a tablet in the yard.

Here's Jenn on a iPhone on Broadband at a store. Take a training coach anywhere you can get broadband!


  • once or twice daily access to high speed internet
  • a webcam on your computer or hand-held device
  • a Facebook account with Messenger

*May Require:
If you want to train away from home in retail stores you will need:

  • mobile device (iPhone, Galaxy, iPad etc)
  • either strong wifi (in store) or mobile broadband data coverage for 180 or 330 minutes per week of internet use.

How To Sign up for Fast Track:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. now by email!


Let us know which options you would like:

1. Which one topic you would like to work on.


a. Foundation skills (Jenn)

b. Public Access Readiness (Jenn)
c. Hand-Delivered Retrieve (Donna)
d. Loose Leash Walking (Jenn)
e. Settle/Relax (Jenn)
f. Public Access (Donna)

2. What week or weeks you would like.

Tuesday to Saturday

June 26-30, 2018.

July 3-7.

July 10-14.

July 17-21.

July 24-28.

Aug 7-11.

Aug 14-18.

Aug 21-25.

Aug 28-Sept 1.

Sept 4-8.

3. Choose your time preference for single daily sessions:
10am (Pacific Time)

4. If you want two sessions a day, choose the time for your second session for the day. The second session must be at least 3 hours after the first to allow you to do another training session and give your dog a break.


5. Wait for confirmation by email to make sure the instructor is available then: 

6. Pay for Your Session


  • one 30 min session per day for 5 days (plus an extra 30 minutes on the first session of the week)
    Cdn $235 (approx. US$185) plus 5% GST will be added for Cdn students
  • two 30 min sessions per day for 5 days
    Cdn $435 (approx. US$339) plus 5% GST will be added for Cdn students






7. Look for your confirmation email from us with  list of materials you need. 

8. Be ready on the date and time (Pacific Time is specified)
with your webcam, dog and training equipment.