SDTI offers self-study classes for all ages

and skill levels of dogs. 

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Single class is CDN$35 unless otherwise noted.
Two-level class bundles  CDN$65.
Three-level class bundle CDN$90.
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Please note: 
You do not have to have a Paypal account to use Paypal. You can use your credit card. Once you get to Paypal, under "Choose a way to pay" at the bottom, click on "Don't Have a PayPal account?". That is where it will allow you to enter your credit card details. Canadians can also pay by Interac.

While receipts are issued for the classes, no certificate will be issued on completion as we have no way to verify that you have trained your dog. If you would like an in-person assessment to see if you are ready for a public access assessment or to practice the test, please check out our "In Nanaimo" link.

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~ Courses ~
 Free Class - Choosing a Service Dog  Class Description and Free Access
 Service Puppy 8-16 Weeks old  Class Description and Registration 
 Foundation Skills - Level 1-3  Class Description and Registration
 Loose Leash Walking - Level 1-3   Class Description and Registration 
 Settle/Relax - Level 1 & 2   Class Description and Registration
 Harnesses & Vests  Class Description and Registration
 Head Halters  Class Description and Registration
Anxiety Tasks   Class Description and Registration
Service Dog Retrieve - Level 1 & 2  Class Description and Registration
Public Access - Level 1-4  Class Description and Registration