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"Building owner-trained service dog teams with trust and confidence to navigate life together.”

Would you like to train your own service dog or assistance dog but don't know how?

Having trouble maintaining the regular training structure your dog needs to succeed?  Feel like you are out there on your own? Let us guide you through the process and support you through building your service dog team! We help service teams globally!  Learn to train like a professional. Build your relationship as you train.


Classes provide expert instruction on training all stages of life, from puppy socialization to foundation behaviors and teaching service dog tasks. They are designed in the form of games so you can easily follow them step by step and check off each game as you complete them. Receipts are issued as proof of registration for your training journal.

Classes are short-term (4 weeks long), reasonably priced (to make payment painless) and start the first Wednesday of each month. You choose which courses you need to take.

We offer five options:

1. Online "Self-Study" courses where you follow along the text, photos, diagrams and videos on your own at you and your dog's pace. It's like having an interactive book where you can see the steps in motion, report how you are doing and ask questions of the author! You can also see your classmates questions and the answers they receive so it's a community!

2. You can also "Skype", "Facebook Web chat", "FaceTime", or "Google Hangout" or telephone (you must have a long distance plan) the instructor to get additional private one to one coaching, answer questions, problem solve,  training video session etc.

3. Service Dog Candidate Assessment and Practice Provincial test via webcam

4. Check out our Fast Track Program!

5. For anyone in the Nanaimo area, we also offer private and small group in-person classes!

Since the training foundation for all assistance dogs is the same, we can help you teach the foundation skills needed for any type of service dog: mobility dogs, hearing alert dogs, seizure response dogs, autism dog, medical alert dogs, diabetic alert dog, Alzheimer's alert dog, Veteran service dog, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) dog etc.

Have a look at the navigation bar above for tons of FREE information to get you started!

 In the US, certification of service dogs is not necessary under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), but proof of training is. In BC & AB, Canada, certification for public access makes life much easier. Learn the laws of your country regarding training requirements. Assistance Dogs International (ADI) sets the minimum that most countries and provinces use as their basis. You will receive a receipt for each SDTI class that you can use to document training participation. The receipts do not entitle any legal right for public access in regions where dogs are required to be certified. Keep a training journal to document training. Check the FAQ for links.

***We promote use of positive food-based training methods endorsed by the BCSPCA***